What are the problems should be paid attention to labor insurance shoes use?

by:BEF     2020-12-15
Range of workplace hazards to workers, improve safety awareness, and combined with the corresponding management measures to strengthen management is very necessary. Identification of hazards and unsafe ACTS, including check in need to use labor insurance shoes jobs did not wear shoes labor protection. Safety inspection personnel must immediately correct mistakes after found the problem behavior, and write the unsafe condition written records. To correctly wear labor insurance shoes practitioners should be given encouragement, don't wear labor insurance shoes education practitioners should give criticism, and persistence to do. The use of labor insurance shoes, can make the labor insurance shoes in a controlled state function correctly, effectively safeguard staff's safety and health. Chang about its use for finishing the process shall include the contents of the matters needing attention have correct selection, wear, maintenance, replacement, daily supervision and so on. 1, identify each risk factors in the workplace, to provide the right type of individual labor insurance shoes. Labor insurance shoes are designed for the protection of specific risk factors, once the wrong choice, great harm. In the work place each identified risk factors or devices, clearly out of the need to wear the labor protection articles. Tags can eliminate employees question of whether to wear labor protection articles, remind the employees must wear protective equipment. 2, should correctly wear and maintain their own labor insurance shoes. 1) why must wear labor insurance shoes; (2) what time and what place need to wear; 3. How to use; (4) to wear the matters needing attention. To ensure that the correct labor insurance shoes to wear. Everybody knows that training must meet all will use purpose. 3, labor insurance shoes correct storage places where storage and storage methods. If you can't see directly for labor insurance shoes inside, outside the storage location should be accurate prominently identified storage of labor insurance shoes information such as name, quantity, and ensure convenient access and counting.
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