What are the main rubber sole material?

by:BEF     2020-06-25
What are the main material rubber sole? Briefly, can use natural rubber or synthetic rubber artificial intelligence. Next, to share with you.

1, natural rubber, natural rubber's advantage is that it is very soft, flexibility is good, can adapt to all kinds of sports, but also very obvious flaws, this is very wear-resisting. Interior design sneakers multi-purpose some natural rubber.

2, divided into in wear-resisting rubber, synthetic rubber, green rubber, rubber, air, sticky rubber, hard rubber, rubber with carbon.

1) Wear resistant and rubber, rubber abrasion resistance and endurance study is very good, so we are very durable, the development of rubber production data information is usually used in tennis shoes outsole.

2) Environmental protection rubber: also known as reclaimed rubber, the rubber outsole is rich in 10% of the reclaimed rubber, main use is environmental protection.

3) Air rubber, rubber is high in the air, have certain shock absorption function, but not very wear-resisting, use is not very common.

4) Viscosity and rubber: viscosity increase the characteristics of the rubber is soft patience is better, and it is very slippery, often can be used in modern indoor shoes.

5) Hard rubber, hard rubber outsole rubber is the most comprehensive raw rubber, tenacity and very wear-resisting non-slip, nature is very widely used. Utility shoes and basketball shoes products are mostly to do with the development of rubber soles.

6) Carbon rubber: when carbon is added in general rubber shoes material, make the rubber more tough wear-resisting, most running shoes using the rubber shoes soles, some on the back of the tag will be BRS letters, to indicate that use carbon rubber outsole.

3, spelling a rubber outsole: the shoes outsole rare, this is at the bottom of industrial rubber raw materials, after mixing machine mixing, heating molding box to mold, rubber shoes with very soft and slippery.

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