What are the factory use labor insurance supplies?

by:BEF     2020-12-08
Labor insurance supplies as a form of labor harm the effective protective measures, many industries can use labor insurance supplies, such as petroleum, chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, steel, smelting, power, construction, machinery manufacturing, and food and so on various industrial production field. The use of labor protection articles are basically spread to all walks of life, homework personnel wearing can effectively improve the work efficiency, reduce labor. As the machine wear the labor protection articles are: labor insurance shoes and still have to smash puncture proof function, as general mechanical parts are heavy, this kind of labor insurance shoes can protect the foot of the security; And leather gloves, cotton gloves, etc. , it can protect the hand in the work is not subject to wear and tear. Again, such as cement, coal, aluminum, stone factory, the factory is often masks and labor insurance shoes, because the manufacturer factory will have a lot of dust, and workers in the labor in labor insurance shoes can effectively protect your feet, to ensure the safety of operation. Again, such as power plants, because it comes to matters of electricity so you use insulating gloves, insulated shoes, the use of insulating shoes can reduce the risk of electricity work. Right, every factory need to use labor protection articles, and these factories for based on the use of labor protection articles are quite large, the use frequency is highest labor insurance shoes and working gloves, safety helmet, and the basic use of labor protection articles, the corresponding also can ensure safety operation.
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