What are the common prevent cut cloth used for?

by:BEF     2020-07-10
In martial arts novels, the most common is manipulated, looks brake is wonderful, but behind each round brilliant fight, the casualties are unknown, lucky, in real life, this life is very rare, once appear such circumstance, have a professional police's uncle can save a lot of problems for us. Police's uncle is our protector and police's uncle is the patron saint of the cutting cloth. The anti cut cloth both softness and have cut resistant, suitable for cutting and sewing processing. Prevent cut for cutting cloth processing and become, have prevent cut and anti-theft alarm function; Mobile phones and other electronic products, video and audio signal by inclusions on the display screen and speaker output, better the multimedia and entertainment. With the cutting bag can prevent clothing blade cross cut, such as effective protection bag items. Prevent the cross cut, such as cut gloves to prevent blade its tight hard sand can 'biting' sword, which can realize the cut and 'take knife', particularly suitable for army and police. Prevent the sharp items such as shoes can prevent cutter in cross cut, its soles has stronger puncture-proof function, and very wear-resisting, can significantly enhance the protection of the feet. Have the cut cloth is equivalent to have a full set of armed with, can moments of safety protection to police's uncle, also good with him!
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