What are the anti hit safety shoes of protection level

by:BEF     2020-12-15
Hit a safety shoes, mainly is refers to the regulation of the weight of steel impact hammer impact test, baotou baotou when the clearance height should be less than specified value, and the axis of the baotou in the test should not be any penetrating crack. Due to the national standard of the weight of shock hammer, specifications, impact height and the regulation of the structure of the testing machine and so on are different, should distinguish between actual test. Protect toes up prevention safety shoes according to their level of protection is divided into 5 levels, different levels have different protection function, the higher the level of the hit safety shoes bad review its front-end pressure and impact of technical index is high, it is good to the protection of digit, so the easier digits are parts or crushed, injury degree, the more serious job is to choose high level of safety shoes, right choice should be on the basis of the combination of using environment safety shoes. A safety shoes, An1 protection grade is best, mainly applicable to the metallurgical, mining, port, shipping, loading and unloading, quarrying, wearing heavy industries, such as work sites; Second, An2 protection grade is good, can meet the general parts, minor prevention function, applicable to the work place such as machinery, construction, petroleum chemical. Three, the level of An3 protect safety shoes, mainly is suitable for the industries such as electronics, food, hospital. Four, the prevent An4 hit safety shoes, applicable to the work place such as the textile industry. Five, An5 protection level is the lowest, the same applies to textile industry and other parts, injured hazards in the workplaces where relatively small. Reason for you to choose what kind of grades of safety shoes, due to decide the level of protection the smashing safety shoes are the main factors of the quality of the selected steel baotou, different material steel baotou the smashing resistance is very different, so when choosing the smashing safety shoes, be sure to clear the hit the level of safety shoes, so as to make the right choice.
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