What are the advantages sole mould?

by:BEF     2020-11-17

sole mould is a kind of limited rubber and reclaimed rubber soles with mould. mould is processing soles mould can limit waste tyre vulcanizing soles, doubt and planning, it consists of upper and lower plate, on the upper plate with the bottom of the sole and heel groove, sole shape grooves on the lower.

sole mould like the same cars can be improved, known as the sole improved mold, mainly in the die set below a pair of bottom die form while module, and on the bottom of the vice mold below by a mechanical plate and every color board and cohesion, the other on the bottom of the partition below the swatches set a main module composition module, make the edge module can be made from the first sole edging, and module made shoes, and then back off mechanical plate, color plate and bottom die, a combination of the edge die and the main bottom die and into the shoe material can make the sole plate.

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