What are common puncture-proof prevent cut cloth production technique?

by:BEF     2020-07-24
To say what Hong Kong is the most famous TV series, certainly wants to count on their gangster movies, like 'new police story', 'infernal affairs 2', 'dark war' and so on us familiar classic, many guns picture let we view from a big magic! But in the real social life, it happens often, are no fun. Minor or industry and commerce, taxation, armed police law enforcement officers and other law enforcement personnel, in law enforcement by criminals knife crime revenge. Events than law enforcement officers stabbed casualties than all, otherwise the bank staff, causing injuries when encountering gangsters robbed people are numerous, to social order and people's life to bring great harm, terrorist violence occurred frequently at the same time, the stability against terrorism was a difficult task. Said in the existing individual protective components or riot gear on the design ideas are heavily dependent on external injection molded parts, made by high quality high strength engineering plastic and buffer liners, made of soft energy absorption material combination to resist external strike energy, in the important organ to the body the limitation to the extent of protection. Only by a certain thickness of fabric, such as: general nylon fiber fabrics for protection, the protective clothing is very difficult to safeguard state functionaries and people's life. Common puncture-proof prevent cut cloth products on the market at present basically has hard and soft two each. Hard puncture-proof products use a metal wire, metal mesh, sheet metal, composite board, ceramic pieces and rigid material to realize protection function, weight big, poor flexibility, wearing uncomfortable, puncture-proof properties such as puncture-proof towards uniformly bad, individual performance shortcomings; Lightweight extra supplies used with high strength and high modulus aramid fiber and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, the fabric and non-woven fabric or less layer fabric made from composite fabrics, have the effect of cutting abrasion proof, but its cost is high, and because of the protective fabric thickness is larger, general in 12 - 30 mm, so wearing uncomfortable, concealment, inconvenience to clean, and the protective equipment can only prevent the blade and the sharp edges of the cut, and can not effectively prevent such as acupuncture needles, pins, etc. For this purpose, the single function of puncture-proof anti cut cloth product function cannot satisfy the requirement of the modern military, police protection, on the same kind of product has integrated protection ability, has always been striving for the goal of protection product researchers.
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