Welding work to get an electric shock prevention measures

by:BEF     2020-12-02
For welders, because they often deal with welding machine, in order to ensure the operation safety, prevent to get an electric shock hazard, the general principles of protective measures taken insulation, shielding, isolation, leakage protection and personal protective safety measures, such as to avoid the body touch the charged body. Concrete methods are: 1, improve the insulation performance of welding equipment and lines. Use of welding equipment and power supply cable must be qualified, the electric insulation performance and the use of voltage grade, to adapt to environment and operation conditions; Welding machine should be arranged carry out daily maintenance and maintenance personnel, prevent sharp, so as to avoid welding electrical insulation performance. 2, when the welder fails to repair, mobile work, change the connector or replacement insurance device, must cut off the power before operation. 3, in welding to install power don't forget to install leakage protector at the same time, to ensure that once people get an electric shock will be automatically without electricity. In wet welding or metal containers, equipment, components, must choose the rated current action is not more than 15 ma, the rated operating time is less than 0. 1 second leakage protector. 4, butt welding machine shell, and the end of the secondary winding lead good protective earthing or pick up zero measures should be taken. When the power supply for three-phase three-wire system or single phase system should be installed to protect earth wire, the resistance is not more than 4 Ω; When the power supply for three phase four wire system neutral grounding system, shall be installed to protect the zero line. 5, strengthening operation personnel for safety knowledge and self protection consciousness education, requires welding operations must wear shoes with insulation, insulation safety shoes, wear a special insulating gloves. Ban on rainy days open up; Welding in special wet places, people must stand on the drying of wood or rubber insulation. 6, it is forbidden to use the metal structure, pipeline, rail and other metal connection for wire. In welding metal containers or special wet places, line lamp power must use the following safety voltage 12 v. Welders wears rubber shoes for operation can effectively reduce the electric shock risk, and in the complex working environment work of electric welding workers, they wore a multi-function safety shoes more comprehensive protection operation safety!
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