Welders safety shoes performance indicators have?

by:BEF     2020-11-24
Welding safety shoes must be the heat resistance, insulation and wear non-slip labor safety shoes. Commonly used safety shoes upper leather, and leather, pigskin, or other natural leather. Upper with flame resistance to combustion rate not greater than 1 m/s. Help end combined with moulding process molding, high waist design, shoes with foam plastic soft skin roll mouth mouth, both wearing comfortable, and can protect the ankle to avoid friction. Why the welding material specification for safety shoes for being so hard? Because of flame, arc welding process, hot welding parts, metal droplet splash, red-hot electrode head and slag, etc. , is the main heat source of welding hot burning accident; And some of the material must be butt welding pieces of preheating before welding, preheating temperature can reach 150 ~ 300 ℃; In addition, the welding operation, electrical contact opportunity are many, such as caused by the fault of electric welding equipment or line of wire and the zero line fault, the welding transformer reverse connection, access to high voltage circuit, as well as the welding transformer primary winding to damage the insulation between the secondary torsion group, etc. , can cause voltage 220 v, 380 v in the electrode holder ( Or welding gun) , the workbench, such as the secondary circuit, so one of the risk of electric shock and electric welding operation. Welding safety shoes need to be heat resistance, thermal insulation, insulation, and can withstand mechanical performance, etc. 1, low heat resistance welding heat type safety shoes, heat temperature of 150 ℃ for soles & plusmn; 5 ℃, high heat resistance welding safety shoes, heat temperature of 250 ℃ for sole & plusmn; 5℃。 Shoes are the requirements for heat resistance in put the shoe on the adjustable temperature of heating plate, shoes into the steel ball inside. Then fill sand around the shoes, the height of the sand that are on the bottom edge, but no more than the upper. For temperature rise to 150 ℃ & plusmn; 5 ℃, stability for 20 minutes. Cooling to room temperature, sample observation, there should not be a melting shoes, deformation or separation phenomenon. 2 insulating welding safety shoes for insulating, stays good stays. Shoes in the bottom should be a good insulation material. Test equipment with hot test. The experiment method is: in the 150 ℃ & plusmn; 5 ℃ condition, after 40 minutes, every 5 minutes record a shoe insole surface temperature, and then computing ( Starting from the sample on the heating plate) The average temperature, the table with the test before its temperature shall not exceed the difference between the 22 ℃. 3, the electric insulation performance of insulation welding safety shoes with GB12011 - 89 insulation shoes is consistent, should withstand voltage 6 kv, leakage current does not exceed 3 ma. 4, mechanical welding safety shoes soles physical mechanics performance and to peel strength requirements meet the criteria of moulded shoes ( QB1005 - 90). The provisions of the. Welding safety shoes application field is very wide also, mainly suitable for cutting, welding, welding and other welding work. Relatively popular in the market of welding safety shoes have such as brand, brand safety shoes all have passed the certification of qualified, can effectively increase the safety factor.
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