Welders personnel must be equipped with protective equipment

by:BEF     2020-12-05
Welders with high temperature and spark splash face work scene, so they are more should do well in safety protection measures. For welders, they must be equipped with protective equipment including: welding mask, welding, welding gloves, high temperature resistant safety shoes, masks, etc. , for welding work to provide all-round professional protection. 1) Welding mask mask is used to protect a cover tool face, neck, prevent welding splash, arc and molten he and weldment heat burns. Mask positive open with rectangle holes, embedded in white and black glass. Black glass has weakened arc and filter the infrared, ultraviolet, according to the different shades of color is divided into six types, namely the 7 to 12. The greater the number, the deeper the color, in use should be chosen according to the welding current, welding age and eyesight case. Masks have handheld ( The shield type) And head wear type ( Helmet) Two, handheld is relatively commonly used. 2) Clothing overalls is to prevent the welding arc and spark burn the body's protective equipment, when wearing a button button, buttoned cuffs, neckline, mouth, coat don't bundle inside waistband. 3) Welding gloves welders gloves is special protective devices to protect welding arm and prevent to get an electric shock. Don't wear gloves at work directly with hot welding and welding rod head. Damage should be timely repair and replacement. 4) Spats usually made of heat resistant and not flammable materials, prevent foot burns. 5) High temperature resistant safety shoes worn by welders high-temperature burns, electric shock safety shoes is used to keep the feet and should be used for insulation, thermal, non-flammable, wear-resisting, prevent slippery materials. 6) Mask welding mask is used to reduce welding smoke inhalation. 7) Flat glasses should wear flat when clean the welding slag protective glasses, in order to prevent the hot slag into the eye.
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