Weight driven sole cleaner

by:BEF     2020-07-09
Weight driven sole cleaner winners:

foreign language school of Beijing xicheng, graceful and restrained wei wang

graceful and restrained and wang wei is doing on duty, students often bring into the classroom of sand and dirt on the playground. Although there are currently a soles cleaning device, but it must to use electricity. So two classmates think if you can make a power drive, body weight can drive alone shoes new sole cleaner brush rotation.

under the idea of driving, graceful and restrained and wang wei began their experiment. They go through trial and error, finally found a way to be both safe and effective design solutions. The device by the stampede rod, block and tackle, flywheel, one-way shaft sleeve, bearing and driving gear, can convert the gravitational potential energy of the body for the bearing rotational kinetic energy.

work principle is that the pedal lever is a new sole cleaner mesh cover above, when people step on the above, trample rod and mesh cover can reduce 3 cm at the same time. And linked to trample lever hoist fixator would also drop three centimeters, crown block of the block and tackle the fixed frame and the distance between the movable pulley fixed frame pulled open 3 cm. According to physical knowledge can be calculated, when the movable pulley fixed frame drop three centimeters, device of one-way collar will rotate counterclockwise around more than three times, and shaft sleeve counterclockwise rotation of the shaft starts to rotate counterclockwise, inside when stop collar, the inside of the shaft will be because of inertia continue to roll, so that the sole can be spun in brush clean.

several groups of pulley, look be like simple, but they need a solid physics basis to 'play' it. Graceful and restrained and wang wei in order to make the device, a large number of trials, the one-way axle housing is a big difficulty. At first, because of lack of materials and processing technology, the component has been slow to do not to come out. Then they visit around in the market, and finally on a market to sell automatic mop found this part, and finally finished their work.

Beijing city bike trip survey

winners: the second high school affiliated to the capital normal university,

Duan Jia rain at yu CAI middle school of Beijing Qi son Han Song Yuxiao

choose bicycle this way of 'green travel', not only can improve air quality and ease traffic pressure, more people provided a good opportunity to exercise. China has been praised as 'the kingdom of bicycles', but as people living standard rise, the proportion of bicycle travel is declining in Beijing. What leads people to gradually give up the bicycle trip? What steps can help people to regain the enthusiasm of the bicycles?

residents by questionnaire, field, interviews, expert consultation, Duan Jia rain, Qi Han and Song Yuxiao three classmates began investigating this problem. They in succession in Beijing urban residents travel willingness, community residents, bicycle ownership, typical traffic jam bicycles, public bike rental car rental point usage, government organization staff travel mode and so on.

, the survey found at present about 20% of residents choose bicycle as Beijing travel tools; Community residents' per capita bicycle ownership of 0. 85 units, but often use accounts for only 65% of the total, bike cycling more than idle, utilization rate is low; Bicycle lanes occupied phenomenon is very common, many bike lanes all kinds of 'human' motorised vehicles, or simply a motor vehicle parking lot; Bike rental and deposit service is not yet perfect.

for these cases, the three students suggested, want the government to vigorously advocate and promote bicycles, civil servants at all levels to set a good example for riding a bicycle to work. In urban road network planning, reset the width of bicycle lanes. The survey found, the road width is 2. 5 ~ 3 m relatively appropriate. The bike rental service at the same time, they also recommend simplifying personal rental bike procedures and reduce the rent, you can take bus card or cell phone card, to increase circulation speed bicycle. In addition to moderate development of both energy saving and environmental protection of electric bicycle.

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