Wear safety shoes if you can be safe

by:BEF     2020-12-14
In the concept of consumers may have such misunderstanding, they feel safe after wearing safety shoes have the maximum guarantee, you can free to foot as for dangerous environment, if you think so too, which have entered the security of the safety shoes. Against on safety shoes, and then take up safety shoes front steel baotou, static resistance and shock resistance, prevent falling objects above the foot, can play a protective toes safety shoes, safety shoes, the execution of the standard is: the impact of 200 j, impact energy, impact shoes head clearance ( 255 #) Greater than 14 mm. ( According to the different shoe size is not the same as the numerical) ; Resistance to pressure under the pressure of 15 kn, the minimum distance protection in baotou is greater than 14 mm. ( According to the different shoe size is not the same as the numerical) 。 For carrying the weight of the laborers in the smashing prevention safety shoes is can largely reduce the heavy pressure of dangerous, but if the laborer copy weight very heavy very heavy, and need a few workers collaborative work together, so at this time if the heavy pressure on worker feet, sometimes risk is not able to completely avoid, because even if the safety shoes to prevent down it also has its own bearing coefficient, when beyond the hit its bearing coefficient, dangerous or the same will happen. Here, you still want to know a concept of labor protection articles, it is the auxiliary measures for labor protection, it is different from the labor protection of the fundamental measures and fundamental measures is to improve the working conditions and labor protection, take effective safety and health technology measures. When labor safety and health technology measures can't eliminate the dangerous and harmful factors in production process, or poor working conditions, high hazard degree, collective protection measures under the condition of no protection, labor protection articles can have the effect of protection, to some extent can act to eliminate or reduce harm, but labor protection articles there is a limit to the protection of people, when damage is beyond the scope of allowed protection, protective equipment will not work. So if you really want to use a pair of safety shoes completely solve the security concerns, in addition to the proof of the need to choose standard on safety shoes, safety production environment and collective protection measures and related departments need to strengthen.
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