Wear labor insurance shoes to family members more at ease

by:BEF     2020-11-30
Remember just to enter this industry, knows little about labor insurance shoes, in the mind think labor insurance shoes is when labor protection for your feet, but the most simple and straightforward explanation fits, revealed the meaning of labor insurance shoes, but when really went into labor insurance industry, knowledge labor insurance products, to have a deeper understanding of Chinese shoes. There are all kinds of labor insurance shoes, each species has its own specific function, and they are extended from the categories of Chinese shoes development, natural more or less with a family of genes, sometimes think, labor insurance shoes also is a magic shoes. Labor insurance shoes in insulation, for example, it is the biggest function of insulation, in electricity work environment, it can stop electricity eating tigers, sounds very terrible, insulated shoes soles USES the rubber, and our ordinary shoes, shoes and some rubber thickness is differ, this basically is the voltage withstand voltage is different, we can't underestimate the power of it. Such as safety shoes again, obviously it is the biggest function of the security, which can be involved in the specific security, you may not know, safety shoes production process, the model design, the shoes, the vamp, shoes, shoes tongue, insole and outsole structure and the performance index has rules. Its soles is made of polyurethane materials once forming commonly, oil resistance, prevent to smash puncture proof, wear resistant, acid and alkali resistance, insulation, waterproof, light, etc. It than ordinary rubber soles wear 2 to 3 times, light weight, good flexibility, and only 50% of the rubber soles - weight 60%. Such shoes suitable for wear in any scenario, really make sure your feet safe. In fact, labor insurance shoes have many advantages, the role of it in our working life is not as simple as I thought, you only improve safety awareness, we should start from our own, and buy yourself a pair of suitable labor insurance shoes, take good care for your feet, also give family more a comfort.
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