We don't know Chinese shoes ( Safety shoes) Quality inspection

by:BEF     2020-12-14
Do you know Chinese shoes ( Safety shoes) Have different classification quality inspection? Or simply think labor insurance shoes quality is very simple, didn't we imagination of so complicated, before before the small make up never engaged in labor insurance industry, small make up and you may have the same idea, but after entering the industry, as well as discovering the new continent, again and again to uncover the labor insurance industry the difference with other shoemaking industry, take the quality inspection, labor insurance shoes ( Safety shoes) The quality inspection has the following categories: ( 1) Sort them out according to the number of inspection, full inspection and sampling inspection in two ways. All inspection is on test objects one by one, each working procedure. This way inspection workload is heavy, but the quality can have the effect of more reliable. Most units, labor insurance industry is the way for full inspection. Sampling inspection is according to the sampling plan, you have worked for a batch of products, according to the number of labor insurance shoes required percentage of the total number of spot check, through the inspection results to judge the quality of the batch labor insurance shoes. ( 2) The preventive test them to classification, such as first article inspection and statistical way. First article inspection is the operator of the first labor insurance shoes production ( Safety shoes) In accordance with the quality standard, process procedures and related documents for introspection; By the review team leader or team member quality; ZhuanJian inspectors; After the first article inspection, to start mass production. First in the inspection qualified samples and three inspection record card to seal, as the basis of distinction between responsibility and acceptance after labor insurance shoes. Statistical test is using the mathematical statistics method and spot check for labor insurance shoes, through the analysis of the selective examination result, understand the labor insurance shoes quality fluctuation situation, find out the abnormal phenomenon and reasons in the process of production. ( 3) According to the inspection personnel to classification, has a full-time inspection, mutual inspection of workers self-checking, team officials, etc. , three ways. Besides the three most important three classification, labor insurance shoes ( Safety shoes) Quality supervision, inspection and other small classification, the reason for different test objects under different conditions and requirements of different test ways, because it can not only guarantee the quality of labor insurance shoes, convenient production, also can minimize the inspection work, inspection, saving at the same time also can shorten the cycle of inspection and labor insurance shoes flow. After hearing the introduction of small make up, whether can feel labor insurance shoes ( Safety shoes) Quality inspection standard is very tall!
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