Walking shoes is sticky aphid's jokes

by:BEF     2020-07-09

the weather hot in summer, and every day, walking along the sidewalk, soles always things sticky stick, is really uncomfortable. 'Every summer, yinchuan citizen will always have this kind of uncomfortable feeling. Yinchuan bureau of parks and woods related staff to explain, it is eat aphids stimulus leaves the secretion and discharge of leaves drop on the ground, but is harmless to the human body. It is understood that the aphids belong to sucking mouthparts pests, often live in areas such as the leaf, tender stem, bud, crown, sucking juice, make the leaf shrinkage, crimp, deformity, serious when cause die back and even the whole plant death. Common aphids in yinchuan of more than 100 kinds of vegetation has more than 30 kinds, aphids favours in poplar, locust tree, willow trees such as survival, due to the drought and heat spraying uneven, aphids growth speed. 'Only rainfall increase, can effectively curb the aphids and its secretion, moreover should also strengthen the pesticides kill on the tree. Ground, gooey inconvenience to pedestrians, can use clean water, serious when need clean soap powder. 'Yinchuan bureau of parks and woods quarantine pest staff said.

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