USES: labor insurance shoes how to cleaning and maintenance

by:BEF     2020-11-29
For a variety of labor insurance shoes leather qualitative material, such as our common quality cowhide, they tend to be manageable for leather, so for labor insurance shoes is USES this kind of material, how do we do the cleaning and maintenance? The next and small make up together look look. Labor insurance shoes USES is labor insurance shoes material of a kind of more delicate, delicate, so-called shoes is not to say that the quality of a material is bad, but because of who I am USES is infected with dirt easily, needless to say, light color series, including black, brown, this kind of color, must be made clear, wear and tear caused by wearing shoes, will slowly fall off on the surface of the fiber, leather become bare, with the surrounding rough grind arenaceous not harmonious contrast, affect beautiful. USES is made by means of the leather processing to tidy uniform leather fibre to the dyeing of shoes materials, because fine texture, give a person the sense with thick warm also makes this kind of shoes materials are most often seen in winter boots. If USES labor insurance shoes stained with dust, do not use wet cloth to wipe, it would put the dust in the area of the brush, the greater the better way is to use a large soft brush brush or light shan vamp, lightly dusted off dust, if the stains are hard to remove it with wet cloth dips in with click, light the way purify besmirch, that would not lead to stain face continued to expand. Avoid by all means in the rain and snow don't wearing USES work shoes, USES a work shoes but large areas touching water will be hard to do, and leather will harden. If you are not sure can get USES, please send the shoes to shoe repair shop for maintenance, of course, also can match safety shoes shoe powder evenly coated on the surface of shoes, spare parts with a soft brush to brush off. USES: safety shoes maintenance have a few things to note. Need to receive at least dry. 1 day, in the case of ensure labor insurance shoes dry to receive work, otherwise the shoes with moisture is received, shoes easy wu moldy in the box. Buy shoes in the shoe box with paper don't throw away, when to receive the shoes also need to put the paper back in the shoes and stand to the same effect, prevent the shoe in shoe box deformation. Shoes in a shoe box had better use the paper in the box after box parcel, in order to avoid the shoes leather rubbing against each other lead to damage to put desiccant, tidy up after receive shoe to a cool, dry place for storage. In fact, no matter what material to wear the labor protection shoes, we all want to maintain it, this will increase the labor insurance shoes to wear with time, even if again good labor insurance shoes or safety shoes, you don't care about it, it's wear with use of the time is not too long.
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