Use expired labor insurance supplies what's the harm?

by:BEF     2020-12-14
Labor protection articles is to protect the workers in the labor process to avoid or reduce casualty accidents and occupational hazards are equipped with individual protective equipment, equipped with labor protection articles is one of the important measures for protecting laborers' safety and health, protective mask, protective clothing, a helmet, labor protection shoes, miner's lamp belongs to labor insurance supplies, etc. At present, many enterprises are in accordance with the provisions for staff is equipped with labor insurance supplies, but it is understood that although some companies give employees provide labor protection articles, but they were no longer tube after a buy, long time without replacement. In fact, with the development of science and technology and the progress of works, in the past some of the labor insurance supplies in the new environment does not have very good protection effect. Such as safety glasses, the past is flat glass lenses, can only be positive, protective eye and fragile glass hurt eyes, now in the market have made a surface organic glass has glasses, can effective protection all eyes, but many enterprises have not changed. Consulting enterprise related responsible staff, they explained surface organic glass lenses easy grinding hair, the price is high, used up big, the cost too is high. This is labor insurance supplies have a new product, but still can use the old, in addition to the enterprises, labor insurance supplies has been damaged to the point of almost can not use nor scrap in time, when the worker work didn't wear the labor protection supplies, caused greatly to safe hidden trouble. Labor protection articles is different from the other clothes and tools, not dispensable or can cope with the casually, expiration of labor protection articles not only cannot protect effect, still can let don't know the situation of the worker have a psychological hint, think they have done a labor protection, thought also have hidden dangers. So, in order to avoid the hidden trouble caused by accident, for enterprise's safety production, unit of choose and employ persons must, in accordance with national requirements and product use period, timely replacement products, due particularly special labor protection articles.
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