Use cut vamp, and it is prescient!

by:BEF     2020-07-21
In the relevant data, inductrial injury in a total of 43305 cases of inductrial injury, 36% was due to tread the objects, touching objects or touching and other reasons caused by object, made foot injury in the worst-hit areas, secondly, in the treatment of burning or corrosive substance of sputtering and human immodesty drop objects in the crushed, feet may also constitute a damage to us. How can reduces the chance of a foot injury in the employee in the job? Wear appropriate prevention cut vamp is one kind of simple and effective method. Of course, we still have to remember 'ppe', should not be regarded as replacing engineering or administrative control method to deal with the harm. Comprehensive understanding of the harm of lead to foot injuries have more, and the operating environment, material, machine tools and construction methods such as factor analysis, try to identify employees foot the matters related to safety and harm, managed to headed by engineering and administrative methods to control them, failure to effectively cut hazard, anti cut upper use is inevitable. In reference to the security protection of information and consulting safety professionals, safety shoes manufacturers or suppliers such as ideas, make the appropriate selection, so as to give the user sufficient protection. Followed the process, cooperate with related propaganda, training and supervision, is a foot safety protection plan of the basic mode, applicable to all walks of life. Finally, again remind everybody is, 'ppe' abide by the code. 1, should not be used for replacing engineering or administrative control method to deal with the hazards. 2, the use of personal protective equipment must conform to the standards of design and appropriate to the work need. 3, in addition to the choice of appropriate, correct use and maintenance are equally important to the function. It is easy to from different industries, such as construction, catering, container storage and transportation and ship construction, etc. , found that many employees have the habit of wearing anti cut vamp to homework. Now, many institutions management or employers understand inductrial injury accident in any losses caused to the company or individual, including human resources of injury, property damage and schedule delays, etc. , which ultimately lead to a fall in production, the influence on the competitiveness of the market. Lies in not required by the law, they also take the initiative to purchase for employee cut vamp, actual prescience.
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