Use antistatic safety shoes three matters needing attention

by:BEF     2020-12-08
Antistatic safety shoes can eliminate human body electrostatic accumulation, can also can prevent below 250 v electric shock. Antistatic safety shoes is suitable for to prevent may cause burning and explosion due to the human body with electrostatic, and place all the existence of electrostatic hazards, such as petroleum, chemical industry, coal mining, printing, rubber, medical treatment, purification, the electronic manufacturing enterprises such as homework. Today let's together to learn about the esd attention the use of safety shoes, hope to be able to help you better use of safety shoes. 1, antistatic safety shoes, and conductive shoes in wear, should not wear thick woolen socks and the insole of the insulation at the same time, and anti-static shoes when insulating shoes use is forbidden. 2, use anti-static place for safety shoes should be anti-static floor, can use conductive shoes sites should be conductive ground. 3, antistatic safety shoes should be used with anti-static clothing, pay attention to the products, waterproof, moistureproof.
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