Use antistatic bottom, can product defective rate reduced 50%?

by:BEF     2020-07-22
In daily life, we can see many products are made of plastic, not only light weight, and choose more styles, affordable, sales volume is rising. However, the plastic products of high resistivity is often easy during machining or produce electrostatic accumulation, bring the dangers of electrostatic dust collection and discharge, etc. Especially in the electronics industry in a variety of electrostatic sensitive components production, transportation, storage for electrostatic charge accumulation in heavy losses. In the chemical industry, oil refining industry, mining industry and military industry; Caused by the application of all kinds of nonmetal materials caused by the accumulation of electrostatic hazards but also common occurance, plastic electronic devices in the United States in the process of the stored rejection rate was 50%, and the loss is as high as $5 billion. Electrostatic accidents in petrochemical enterprises in China to produce losses as high as one million yuan of above, so the electrostatic prevention has attracted more attention from people. The method, the most commonly used, and the effect is to use antistatic agent to reduce the surface resistivity of materials, for the application and development of antistatic agent has been one of the important topic. Finished above the transport, we then spoke about the production of for electrostatic protection. Staff on site operation when the human body electrostatic charge if not timely release, accumulated to a certain amount, put in electrostatic lead to fire, explosion, damage to sensitive electronic components, interfere with the electronic instruments and equipment, etc. Antistatic end use is the main discharge in the human body electrostatic main products. In the process of production, the use of antistatic of bottom not only can inhibit the static electricity, but also inhibit the dust caused by people in the workplace, for food production, this is very beneficial.
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