Under a draught? ETPU power 'silver economy'

by:BEF     2020-07-16
The elderly consumer market, is attracting the attention of more and more capital, the data show that by the end of 2017, China's 60 years of age or older population has reached 2. 17 4. 1 billion, the total population. 3%, become the world, the most populous country in the elderly. Experts said the widening of China's aging population will become the main force of consumption, its influence in the economy is growing rapidly. Old man shoes great & other; Blue ocean market & throughout; Recently, quanzhou shoemaking industry blockbuster news, yu xiang health technology co. , LTD. Quanzhou city brand gold tillie formally signed the international superstar liu xiaoqing, high-profile layout middle-aged and old shoes market. In the company's managing director zhi-qiang du, with & other; After 40 & throughout; “ After 50 & throughout; Grow old conservative frugal habits and customs is different, after the reform and opening up & other; After 60 & throughout; “ After the 70 & throughout; A new generation of the elderly pay more attention to health and spiritual life, have their own pursuit of fashion and personality. “ From the trend of the development, middle-aged and old sneakers potential is very large, their consumption demand from the traditional meet the demand of the basic function of warm to the pursuit of taste and fashion, pay attention to the new trend of environmental protection and health development. ” Zhi-qiang du said, as people living standard improving, fashion consciousness are also growing, this is shoes clothing industry often say & other; Storage firm known fashion & throughout; 。 But on the whole market, enterprises still sluggish reaction, middle-aged and old sports brands and young fashion a disconnect in the field of serious, seize this gap can go a long way. “ At present domestic shoes market competition is intense, the big brand in the red sea market made a jealous, and the elderly market is neglected a blue ocean market. ” Relevant data show that China's aging population aged 60 and above 2. 4. 1 billion people, the total population of 17. 3%. It is predicted that by 2030, China will usher in an ageing population. The traditional concept of people tend to think that the elderly are the fringes of society, but ignores the after China entered the aging society, large group of elderly people to form a giant elderly consumer market laid a foundation. With hundreds of millions of the elderly consumer market will be the future of China will inevitably face opportunities and trends. It is reported, golden terry has launched magnetic therapy and health protection gentle massage two star product. King telly brand director CAI governance, according to the cooperation with liu xiaoqing not only adopts the model of brand spokesperson, will also try to like basketball star & other; Air & throughout; Jordan and Nike Jordan brand of cooperation mode, and liu xiaoqing attempting to model introduced exclusive partner star image of brand personality. “ Silver economy & throughout; Let ETPU find new position according to ali big data statistics, nearly 30 million older users as well as young people like online shopping, this group of around 25% for more than 60 people, 3 c and appliances is & other; Silver gens & throughout; A favorite shopping goods. In addition to daily life, traveling and the elderly are often chosen way of life. ETPU by its unique physical properties and the characteristics of environmental protection by old shoes manufacturers and customers, especially the ETPU unique high elastic shock characteristics can effectively to the elderly in the life, to minimize the impact on joints. Now pay attention to the quality of life, willing to autonomous consumption has been more and more of the elderly. Believe that the ETPU in & other; Silver economy & throughout; In its own energy! Figures show that China's consumption demand of the elderly in 2010 has more than 1 trillion yuan, but also is growing. Accordingly, to participate in the number of enterprise pension industry is also increasing year by year, and growth is obvious. Data statistics, as of the first half of 2016, into the pension industry listed companies have as many as 32, that doesn't include focus old-age care service and software and hardware, electricity class vertical listed companies. Huge amounts and older population continues to increase, increasing aging industry market, means that in the development & other Silver economy & throughout; There are a lot of business opportunities.
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