Super light shoes head to witness the new nano era

by:BEF     2020-07-19
At time steps forward at the same time, the prospect of shoes manufacturing industry to a new level, in all countries in the field of technical requirements, the new industrial revolution will to save and reasonable use of resources and energy, and optimize the environment of human existence form, and nano science and technology also is bound to become the dominant technology of the new industrial revolution, super light the birth of nanometer toe cap. Ultralight nano toe is strong dongguan surplus shoes material co. , LTD. , the latest research and development of a high-tech nano shoes head, it solves the glass fiber head harmful to human body, the problem of non-biodegradable, implements the biodegradable, environmental protection, all kinds of glue corrosion resistance, light weight is only 80 g/double ( Criteria # 42) Tested, stable and the pursuit of cost is far lower than the glass fiber ends. For shoes foot load reduction, increased the comfortable walking experience. The use of biodegradable material for the modern concept of environmental protection. Nano science and technology is in the late 1980 s after birth and rapid rise of new science and technology, it is the basic meaning of 10 ^ - in the nano size range 9 - 10 ^ - Within 7 meters of understanding and reforming nature, through direct manipulation and arrangement of atoms and molecules to create matter, his study field is human past rarely involves the macroscopic and the microscopic field of mesoscopic, thus opened up a new level of human to know the world, in a sign of human science and technology will has entered a new era, a new nano nano toe and super light the product innovation is just witnessed the birth of a new era.
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