Super light nano toe in the shoe industry played a what kind of impact?

by:BEF     2020-07-28
Science and technology change life, the biggest change is our every hand some smart phones now, not only appearance more beautiful, and also, more use mobile phones can only simple call before, now of the mobile phone, take photos, file transfer, such as Internet, video from soup to nuts, let our life more convenient, also let us once again feel the power of the science and technology brings to us. The innovation of science and technology to change human life not only, also to the industry brought new benchmarking, super light nano toe cap is composed of modified PC material production. Super light hit the top of the shoe is dongguan strong interference prevention shoes material co. , LTD. , the latest research and development of a high-tech nano shoes head, it solves the glass fiber head harmful to human body, the problem of non-biodegradable, implements the biodegradable, environmental protection, all kinds of glue corrosion resistance, light weight is only 80 g/double ( Criteria # 42) Tested, stable and the pursuit of cost is far lower than the glass fiber ends. Back shoes industry development course, it is scientific and lit the fire of burning hope of the human mind, has propped up the civilization of science and technology, science and technology to create the future, and ultralight nano toe cap in the future is how, is everyone in our footwear hands, is a lead our way.
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