Super light nano shoes what is the first test order?

by:BEF     2020-07-15
Product want to have a foothold in the industry, for the pursuit of quality will never stop, no quality, no tomorrow, the strict quality requirements is the company's survival foundation, the quality competition has become a key factor in the company's success. Quality is to improve the market competitiveness of the prop, the quality is the key to improve enterprise economic benefits, the quality is the enterprise management and technical level of comprehensive reflection. From raw materials, semi-finished products to finished product, in the production of each link, actively promote the comprehensive quality management, set up quality assurance system, to provide good quality footwear products, has become an important management task of the modern shoe-making industry. At the same time, the footwear testing equipment is footwear product quality control and measure the scale of product quality high and low. Detection is the eye of the enterprise production, the quality of a ruler, especially on the raw materials qualified mark appear particularly important. Now the raw materials used for shoe is varied, go, only by constantly improve the level of detection equipment, to cope with the European Union and other countries have shoe product quality technical barriers on China's exports. Safety shoes as the necessity of special operations personnel, actually every pair of shoes is through testing and certification, the difference between good or bad just depends on the quality, quality and depend on what to decide? Shoes material testing instrument, of course, a pair of shoes, finished product including slope, super light nano toe, heel, and other are need to test, test on ultralight nano toe cap may be divided into two parts. 1, ( Hydrostatic test) By tester at a constant rate pressure on top of the shoe, until the pressure value to the value of the specified measurement test shoes clay sculpture in cylinder head of minimum height value, with its size to evaluate safety shoes or protective compression resistance of evil. 2, ( Puncture testing) Through testing machine drive the nail at a certain speed puncture biopsy soles, until the sole is completely pierced or achieve a certain strength, to the soles is completely pierced the most required strong or reaches a specified power piercing pin is exposed to evaluate the safety of the resistant puncture in the bottom shoes, protective shoes or occupational puncture proof performance. In order to ensure the safety of the workers in production, super light shoes head in production also after tens of thousands of times before test and try. Gauge what size shoe are familiar to every one of us, it is after a long period of testing and research, choose a shoe suitable ultralight nano shoes head is also very important. If the shoe is not appropriate, can appear the phenomenon such as no response in wearing, directly affect the normal function of the safety shoes, and lead to safety shoes unsafe. So warm here remind you that choosier about safety shoes shoe, be responsible for your safety.
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