Super light nano shoes remedy when safety shoes head of the head?

by:BEF     2020-07-17
In safety shoes on the top of the shoe choice, consumers can see already has the choice of more and more, this is because as countries around the world under the influence of the continuously adjustable gaoan gauge testing standards, is also made to send kind of thermosetting long fiber reinforcing composite materials safety shoes head must have a certain thickness to meet the safety requirement. But now the safety shoes head thickness of composite material still hasn't been attained, and unable to meet the requirements of the design, how to further raise composites compressive strength and resistance to impact strength, can create a thinner lighter safety shoes are main problems in the safety shoes first. Strong surplus shoes materials in 2018, the latest research on product lightweight nano toe compressive strength and impact strength is stronger, lighter weight and wall thickness thinner safety shoes head, solve the technical safety shoes now the thickness of the head is too thick, the weight is heavy, can't meet a new generation of multi-function safety shoes design and lightweight requirements of technical problems. Especially in 08 years since the outbreak of the financial crisis and European debt crisis, let the world all countries, particularly in Europe and the region's economic recession, a significant decline in the purchasing power of people awareness of a pair of shoes 'less' generally, the traditional safety shoes hulking and single function, and so on is increasingly high demand for multi-function safety shoes, safety shoes will head into general of casual shoes, sports shoes and outdoor shoes, not only can work two fitting for life, and can also be less a pair of shoes, cheap and convenient, in the future, this demand, apparently, is also the momentum of development. For now for the pursuit of healthy environmental protection, lightweight nano toe appears as if more contentment, he solved the glass fiber head harmful to human body, the problem of non-biodegradable, implements the biodegradable, environmental protection, all kinds of glue corrosion resistance, light weight is only 80 g/double ( Criteria # 42) Is a traditional 1/2 weight, detection of stable and the cost is far lower than the glass fiber. For shoes foot load reduction, increased the comfortable walking experience.
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