Super light nano shoes head can not afraid of the cold of winter

by:BEF     2020-07-28
Some time ago, exactly is the south in the winter cold northern winter or cold, netizens are crazy. Actually purely in terms of temperature, the northern winter is much colder than the south in the winter, if from adaptation degree, because the people of the north of winter temperature is more adapt to, and from the south for a long time high temperature or warm weather, so once the temperature decreases, the body will not adapt. In the south, for example, minus 4 degrees frozen dogs, 40 degrees below zero in the north can freeze to death! Under such a low temperature, if work indoors, can also through the heating heating, make indoor the rise of temperature, let the machine and the human body can be affected by low temperature. But if the outdoor work? As a special operations, not as good as indoor treatment, how warm is it today, is always under such temperature. Such as construction, chemical plant is no inside and outside all year round, largely due to the positions of demand will stay to work outdoors. In order to better, more flexible work, only improve the performance of operation tool itself, safety shoes as a special operation essentials, now every day is workers needed, so to improve his cold tolerance is very important, super light nano shoes not only lighter in weight, and low temperature resistance was the highest in history, the temperature of minus 60 degrees, the maximum tolerance performance didn't change, let your feet can get comprehensive protection.
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