Summer safety shoes to choose breathable and comfortable

by:BEF     2020-11-26
Summer arrived, the weather is hot, but in some special working environment, many workers have to wear heavy labor insurance shoes safety operation, foot one can imagine how hot it is. In such an environment, how want to have a pair of our workers are wearing can protect your feet, absorb sweat breathe freely and comfortable safety shoes. In many industries, however, because of special environment, a lot of the safety of the production environment is not suitable for wearing stiletto shoes or sandals labor protection. The shoes don't breathe freely, combined with the hot weather, feet to sweat stunk or long beriberi. In fact, as a safety shoes sales personnel, who also dare not say their shoes is not hot. After all the weather was too hot, it is the sandals, slippers were feeling hot, besides wearing thick leather safety shoes, heat is certain. Just for shoes material, absorb sweat breathe freely effect is not the same. So buying safety shoes in summer, in a few more clean environment, if you can use the labor protection sandals or drilling safety shoes, we can give priority to buy these products. Do have solved the problem of ventilation is good. In some environments, however, if you can't use the labor protection sandals or drilling safety shoes, so this time we'll think of some way to solve the problem of ventilation. For a pair of safety shoes, the soles is the same, for the most part are PU or rubber soles, so to solve air permeability, can only from the upper material to consider. Now the safety shoes, shoe is either layer cowhide, the first layer leather or artificial leather. In fact, safety shoes are not allowed to use artificial leather, but some safety shoes manufacturer in order to save costs or look for shoes, leather materials used, such shoes is easy to broken. And head layer cowhide permeability is obviously permeability is better than leather on the second floor. But the cost of the first layer of cowhide layer leather cost is higher than some. So enterprises in purchasing safety shoes can make a decision according to the enterprise budget, budget, choose the first layer of leather safety shoes words permeability is better. Therefore, choose breathable safety shoes, enterprise should according to your budget, enterprise production environment to make a decision. In order to the welfare of the staff, try to choose the safety of the first layer of leather safety shoes or punch shoes.
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