Strengthen safety measures improving mining industry safety production

by:BEF     2020-12-08
Regional mining industry should be determined to raise the level of coal mine safety production, strengthen the occupational health. Stick to safe development, in-depth implementation of the policy of prevention first, comprehensive control and to prevent major workplace accidents effectively, strengthen occupational health surveillance, to further improve the level of coal mine production all. First, strengthen the prevention and control of occupational hazards. Earnestly implement the relevant provisions of the occupational hazards prevention and control of coal mine work sites, and improve the occupational safety and health supervision system. With an emphasis on prevention pneumoconiosis, strengthening the construction of safety protection articles equipped facilities, improve the underground work environment, improve the quality of labor insurance supplies and standards, such as improving miners wear labor insurance shoes, safety shoes, industrial and mining purchase quality, to reduce occupational hazards plays a quite important role. Labor safety shoes is worthy of your trust second, improve occupational health and security level. To strengthen the prevention and control of major disasters. According to the forecast, and doubt will agent, agent before digging, adopt the principle of after cure first, strengthen the coal mine monitoring and the main aquifer hydrogeological exploration, carry out measures of prevention and control of water and improve the ability of prevention and control of water system. In terms of fire prevention and control, the key to do a good job of application of flame retardant materials, comprehensive prevention and control of fire accident. The implementation of major security engineering. Finally, perfect mine safety system construction, improve coal mine safety guarantee ability. Urgent rescue team construction, improve the level of the mine emergency rescue equipment, enhance the capacity of the mine emergency rescue.
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