Storm weather strikes, has super light nano shoes for you

by:BEF     2020-07-19
Nearly period of time, almost every day can received a reminder of the meteorological station, tell us in the future there will be a heavy rain in an hour, in the moment this summer and a period time, the temperature is hot, can come a few heavy rain or can effectively relieve the heat of the weather is quite good, the biggest bad is when you go out, if you forget to take an umbrella or wear a pair of shoes that are not able to touch water that can be miserable, general it is easy to skid shoes wet, may one not careful will fall a dogs eat international. In the face of such a bad weather, as long as there is our super light nano toe could easily is the escort for you, why am I so confident? Ultralight nano toe is strong dongguan surplus shoes material co. , LTD. , the latest research and development of a high-tech nano shoes head, it solves the glass fiber head harmful to human body, the problem of non-biodegradable, implements the biodegradable, environmental protection, all kinds of glue corrosion resistance, light weight is only 80 g/double ( Criteria # 42) Tested, stable and the pursuit of cost is far lower than the glass fiber ends. For shoes foot load reduction, increased the comfortable walking experience. The use of biodegradable material for the modern concept of environmental protection. Ultralight nano toe cap has been passed in 2017, the European Union the certificate of inspection standard and CTC European standards have been achieved. This ultra-light nano toe is waterproof and environmental protection, not only is the heavy rain or the sun is very severe weather, can bring the protection of all aspects of your feet.
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