Stone processing of security protection, these measures can you do it?

by:BEF     2020-11-29
For workers engaged in stone processing industry, for protection foot safety, they correctly wear safety shoes when working, can greatly reduce personal injury, improve the work efficiency, to do jobs below small make up the specific content of the danger of local explain: plank to hit foot some kinds of plank in handling ( Or loading) Easy to fracture, such as jalon gold, deep brown network, Po is cream-colored, clove cream-colored, etc. , the broken stones once drop to your feet, most can make a foot injury, its impact generated by the foot even fracture. Nail feet due to the nail plate frame and finished product packaging used in the process of a large number of nail, if bad management, it is easy to have nailed or scrap wood workshop caused by the accident; he is scattered If workshop ditch, ditch without cover, nails fell into it is difficult to find hidden trouble. Slip with wet operations, stone workshop often have water on the ground, over time, some corner also grow moss fresh; Or the ground is covered with smooth marble floor of self-marketing; Machine oil; Or not clear in time on the ground after repair glue residue of glue solution. Fall fitter or welders operation of maintenance, the client material or material, hanger pick block or hang rope, often need to climb the homework. And in most cases is difficult to use the protection appliance, such as seat belts to a greater risk of homework. Electric shock some workers even cultural level is not high electrical safety consciousness, bare wire connect directly to electricity; Operation staff will be entangled with each other off to pull wire on the ground, or let people traffic jam on, the wire breakage, will cause accident getting an electric shock. This kind of hidden dangers at the scene of the grinding operation. Foot protection experience has shown that wear with the appropriate labor insurance shoes, can effectively reduce the foot injury accidents or reducing the level of their victims to wear only with antiskid safety shoes as an example, the incidence of accidents can be reduced by half, save large amount of loss. So, in the following work environment, homework personnel should configure corresponding safety shoes boots: (1) engage in the operations in which may have a falling object ( Such as lifting, upper, maintenance, etc. ) , must wear impact can withstand falling object or extrusion can protect the toes of baotou steel armor on safety shoes boots; (2) in the environment are at risk of sharp objects will stab people shoes, such as nails, sharp blade, stone, etc. , to prevent its piercement shoes, should choose and puncture-proof safety shoes or boots; (3) for the electrician this special profession, when it is under ac 50 hz, 1000 v and dc 1500 v and below work on electrical equipment, must use special types of conductive insulated shoes or boots; (4) workshop machine operators, due to the job site, the thin mud is more, in use can prevent slippery prevent hit a high of baotou steel security for rubber boots have very good protection effect. In view of the above dangerous scene right wearing appropriate safety shoes, not only do a good job security requirements, and starting from the actual personal do their labor protection!
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