Static electricity can prevent, also can use!

by:BEF     2020-07-21
I thought of qiu dong season, almost everyone has had such an experience, or hand touch hand phone, often suddenly 'pa' by hemp, startled directly. When will drink straws from the paper bag, also often find low bag was a straw, believe that this is a very similar experience for the majority of women! Maybe a good walk on the road, long skirt will also by electrostatic adsorption, wrapped in a body, as we all know this is static. Since the 80 s, the liquefied petroleum industry of our country has more than ten of electrostatic discharge accidents occurred, on April 17, 1980, for example, an oil refinery LPG high-pressure hydraulic pump station, in the maintenance enterprise, due to an explosion caused by the electrostatic spark discharge, killed three people, injured 2 people, electrostatic discharge brought great harm to people's life and property. To do this, you can see is at risk for the professional, the use of bottom in the antistatic, prevention and elimination of electrostatic work is an indispensable necessity. So, static electricity is a heinous villain, since found out that he had trouble net. But in a draining oil energy today, the whole world is watching can replace oil fuel, if we can use electrostatic attraction first in the coal combustion in the boiler dust completely recycled, rich reserves of coal can replace the oil, electrostatic spraying more homogeneous than the old-fashioned airbrush coating not only, and raise the utilization rate of coating by more than 90%, greatly reducing the waste, a further advantage of electrostatic spraying is able to direct use of powder coatings, and eliminating the use of organic chemical solvent air pollution harm to human body. Maybe electrostatic energy in nature, brought a lot of harm to mankind, but at the same time in the environmental protection, energy use of electrostatic and has a bright application prospect. So, can we don't need to guard against the static electricity? Isn't. Because he still has certain negative influence to the human body. So it is necessary to properly to prevent, or the human body as a special electrostatic conductor, is the victim in the electrostatic hazard, while human body static electricity and electrostatic dangerous sites in one of the major hazard sources, human body electrostatic protection system includes a bottom in the anti-static clothing, anti-static, anti-static wrist strap, etc. , to be used or to be used.
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