Sports sole there are several kinds of shoes?

by:BEF     2020-11-23

1。 Your shoes sneakers. There is usually no professional sports value, just light, prevent slippery, comfortable. Most brands have such shoes, casual shoes, some sports shoes, some sports shoes. Soles are usually made of foam low ( EVA) And rubber outsole. Only some shoes in the bottom, there is no rubber soles, to lose weight and maintain a comfortable. Only at the bottom of the rubber outsole didn't write, this kind of shoes feet feel better hard but the reflection of the road.

2。 Professional sports shoes.

sport basketball shoes sole manufacturer. At present, it is composed of bottom + bottoms, generally consists of all in the bottom and whole palm bottoms, in order to increase the friction of the ground. The bottom is mainly used in the buffer, and at the same time, in the heel part can use soft colloid, to further improve the heel in the buffering capacity in the process of jumping.

comprehensive training shoes. Generally refers to movement in general can wear some. I used two kinds of shoes. A similar to the one type, but it is a comprehensive training in name shoes, can be used for any occasion. But this from the point of view of professional program is actually not correct. Such as sports shoes under the condition of iron, is a kind of comprehensive training shoes almost no EVA in the bottom or hard EVA bottom, coupled with rubber outsole shoes. This design is designed to keep the soles fully support, as a result of soft soles in will lead to deformation and other risk factors. If the weight training, it is recommended that this kind of training shoes. To squat, jump, sprint, etc.

3, outdoor sports shoes.

sports shoe manufacturers usually are the rubber soles, EVA in the bottom of the bottom is responsible for the shock absorption, sole slippery wear-resisting. At present domestic shoes also gradually adopt this structure.

4, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, and shoes.

sports shoe manufacturers the structure about the same, but will pay more attention to the pace of flexibility in the integral design of the shoes design.

5, there are a few small all the sports shoes, such as weightlifting shoes, barefoot shoes, etc. Weightlifting shoes have bigger wedge is poor, hard, sole wedges difference is to provide better support to adjust the Angle of the ankle. Barefoot shoes there is usually no nor bottom slope is poor, the simulation of the barefoot walking state.

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