Sports shoes sole material is what?

by:BEF     2020-11-20

soles mould because different materials need different designs. The RB, EVA, TpR most widely used several kinds of main material of the die. General shoes mold belong to injection ( Injection) The making process of the mold, such as CMEVA is injection combined with cold pressing, and partly by blow molding.

sports shoes sole material generally have: RB ( Rubber) RS ( Foam rubber) TpR ( Thermoplastic elastomer) 伊娃( Ethylene - Vinyl acetate copolymer, including IMEVA EVA and traditional CMEVA secondary injection a molding molding (EVA) , pU, TR, BR, TpU, pVC, etc. Due to the development of modern science and technology, many new materials are being applied to the soles development.

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