Sports shoes sole how many kinds of materials

by:BEF     2020-06-27

for soles for shoes material is basic on EVA soles, TPR and rubber, of which the most light EVA sole material, softness is good, most of the sports shoes are choose EVA soles, but EVA shoe material no grinding, walking is easy to slip and fall on the ground of the smooth, so generally EVA sole material on some hard material in the bottom. TPR and rubber are heavier materials, softness, friction is very strong, often used in shoes and children's shoes, TPR and rubber than the EVA sole is TPR and rubber should not be out of shape.

EVA soles soft, flexible, and has certain rubber elasticity: resistance to low temperature, low temperature to - There is still a flexible 58 С. EVA sole moderate mechanical strength, tear strength, durable thorn, resilience, stress cracking resistance is good. Because of the polarity of the acetic acid root, make EVA increase elasticity and stickiness, crystalline and decline in performance, and can dissolve in hydrocarbon solvent and oils, ageing resistance, resistant to ozone. A class of cases, EVA soles can appear only in the use of a few years later a group of sole is often turn yellow, wait for a phenomenon.

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