Sports brand pushing soft sole lead trend this summer

by:BEF     2020-07-09

in June 2011, is the leading sports brand product launches in prime time, reporters visited each big stores, during this period, the survey found light, soft as a main this summer. Including adidas, Nike, li ning, noble bird, most of the sports brand has such a new product launch. Nike Free Run series want to give a person the feeling of to barefoot running, on the material and design of the soles to pursue dual breakthroughs of flexibility and flexibility. Almost at the same time with Nike launch such new adidas, although the main series of cool and refreshing, emphasis on 360 degrees of permeability, but its unique 'ecg' soles design are also increase flexibility, reduce the effect of the whole weight of shoes. Of the more interesting is that it is almost as Nike, adidas has the same strategy of domestic brand li ning, noble bird's flagship series of summer is on the claim, but the feature is implemented in the tide of the light and soft. For li ning, the li ning's main this summer as the breath of 'light', stressing the whole shoes lightweight and breathable, the ultimate goal to carry out the in socks give a person with a lightweight, breathable feeling. Another domestic sports brand noble bird 'caterpillar bionic series' also look forward to using the latest technology applied to a person with comfortable and soft wear feeling. But unlike Nike, adidas, li ning, the selling point of noble bird emphasized the 'caterpillar bionic technology', this is the summer let people surprise and shine at the moment. It is known that noble bird caterpillar series application of bionic technology is currently the most popular application of science and technology, is based on the physiological characteristics of trying to find the most suitable design of the body. Noble bird caterpillar series is on the basis of the caterpillar soft, clever body structure designed - — In the thickness of the bottom and the strength of the TPU retainer plate appear gradually decreasing trend, cooperate the design wave curve of ups and downs, make the wearer feel more comfortable. It is not hard to see, 2011 major sports brands are big effort in light, soft, this has to do with people in recent years has a lot to do with the pursuit of comfortable, healthy forms of exercise. Combined with characteristics of summer a hot season, light and soft nature become the most popular consumer favorite shoe features.

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