Specific maintenance steps of safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-05
Safety shoes need to correct use and maintenance, to ensure that play their effectiveness and maintain a user's foot health, safety shoes for specific maintenance steps are as follows: 1, the new first before wearing safety shoes, protective spray is used to maintain leather, enhance or restore the water function. 2, spraying, remove your shoes to make sure that all hidden parts and aperture ( Especially near the tongue of hidden parts) Can spray. 3, dirty shoes in particular, with the brush with a little warm water and wash away the mud and dirt, it is recommended to use special safety shoes clean lotion. After cleaning, please fully protective spray coating ( Protective spray cleaning pores on the leather, make pore closure) 。 4, please in safety shoes had just finished washing was wet spraying protective spray, and the need to fully dry for 24 hours. Often do at the same time, clean care, can prevent moisture and besmirch stops on the leather, it is very important, because it retains moisture and stain leather will lose its permeability. 5, daub in the shoe leather, leather maintenance milk ( Including shoes wax content) Fast heating emulsion, use hair dryer to penetrate into the pores of leather, so that the leather soft recovery. Please be sure to pay attention to when using the hair dryer distance and time, At least 750 px, up to 3 seconds) 。 6, containing ingredients of shoe polish maintenance of milk will make cattle leather and fur surface slightly darker, with high quality brush brush wipe gently, can partly restore its appearance; And the light shone and wax face, is easier to keep the original, and are more likely to reject and refuse pollution water. 7, note: do not use oily or greasy cleaning and maintenance of the emulsion. Although oil material can make leather soft, but the shoes will lose its hardness, leather can clog pores at the same time, the loss of safety shoes permeability.
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