Special safety shoes in the bottom can have more light in weight?

by:BEF     2020-07-14
Earlier puncture proof technology is most adopts the material of steel class, a ruined this steel plate rather than soft, and there is no flexibility, this will make the safety shoes soles after adding the steel sheet shoes will become very hard, do not accord with human body engineering design, wearing feeling is hard, on the other hand, due to the soles plates are monoblock type structure, can only under the soles of sharp objects have certain defensive ability, for the shoes under the oblique side foot on either side of the part, cannot effectively resist the side, very prone to injury. Compared with special safety shoes in the bottom and the traditional steel is almost the same weight, but its performance is superior to many, not only can not tortuous shortcomings, more soft, on the other hand, in this special safety shoes in the bottom out of the door for security detection can be more comfortable, don't have to worry about security inspection to the metal by alarm. For special safety shoes in the bottom of research also pay more attention to the consumer in feeling, not only need to wear more comfortable, also want to better fit the foot shape design, give your feet a full range of protection. Comfort and safety performance are base on the design of the safety shoes for the mainstream of the road, it is inevitable.
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