Special dogs trained with dongguan puncture proof cloth

by:BEF     2020-07-28
Life only have once, do not use drugs, must be the slogan, we are already very familiar with, is to tell us the harm of drugs, can influence our lives, even in life as the price, so, don't touch and drugs, head of the sea, frontier defense, public security organs, often can see the form of drug-sniffing dogs, they are extremely sensitive sense of smell. According to related survey data, a trained drug dog, can smell the smell of more than 200, ten thousand kinds of items, but also can be identified from dozens of mixed odor in one of these, you know? Drug-sniffing dog is so bad, in addition to the innate sense of smell, behind them there is a group of committed than trainers, in order to train them is need to have patience, because this is a long-term process, ensure that at least 20 times every day of training, sit, down, stand, accompanying, barking, send content cohesion and delay the training project is the foundation of training, in addition, the fierce training such as bite and obedience training is police dog training course every day, the trainer itself is also a kind of test, like a bite of this behavior, the impact of the first, it is very large, and again and again, so when choosing the corresponding protective gear, should be to choose protection product like dongguan anti wear cloth, large canine teeth bite is 148 jins, tested, and the sale of our products can reach up to 1200 kn of impact, 1 kn is equal to 100 kilograms force, under this standard, the police get the protection of the teeth are more powerful than the police use, stronger. So, have to choose our special dog training the dongguan puncture proof cloth! ! ! !
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