Some problems of the management of labor protection articles

by:BEF     2020-11-29
As the labor protection articles in the continuous improvement of the laws and regulations, standards, and the gradual improvement of the enterprise safety production management level, are most of the enterprises in labor protection supplies, equipment, management and use have done a lot of work, to ensure safety in production to make a certain contribution. But the management of labor protection articles there are still some problems, mainly reflected in the following respects: ( A) Labor protection articles, equipped with standard management system is not sound. In establishing and perfecting the system of special labor protection articles funds management and labor protection supplies procurement, acceptance, storage, distribution, use, change, scrap management systems. Some enterprises lack of funds to carry out the labor protection articles and the number is not enough. ( 2) Enterprises in the use and management of labor protection articles to purchase, not specification. Some enterprises in the purchase of labor protection articles, there is no requirement of labor protection articles manufacturers provide qualification and product quality inspection report; Some enterprises to purchase safety signs of special labor protection articles, the labor insurance supplies mainly concentrated in the insulated shoes, anti-static shoes, etc. ( 3) The worker labor protection supplies safety training does not reach the designated position. If some enterprise employees by ordinary gauze masks instead of respirators; Some company worker at the scene of the production is not in accordance with the provisions, correctly wear labor insurance shoes, hard hats or use unqualified phenomenon of labor protection articles. ( 4) Part of the production and business operation entities not according to stipulations for the record. A handful of labor protection articles production enterprise of special labor protection articles safety sign is not complete, factory presence of lack of safety signs of special labor protection articles. ( 5) Labor protection articles market supervision and management is not strict, leading some no production and business units of qualifications exist for a long time, and use the unit driven by interests, buy, with give practitioners do not conform to the requirements of the standard of labor protection articles, even & other; 3 without & throughout; Products. Problems is not terrible, terrible is even know the problem, still ignore regardless of its development, such as construction workers on the site not wearing safety shoes, slippers in operation and similar security issues. If for the safety in production in any tiny problems, should be attached once found, will be killed in the bud, to maximum extent, completes the labor protection.
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