Sole son place to remember

by:BEF     2020-07-09

master your sandals, Shouting: 'daddy, I'm going to the test! 'I a surprised, thought:' even exam? 'Oh, by the way, to introduce myself. My name is soles. Walk on the road, the ground of my face with hot, very uncomfortable, now but in the summer! Passed by a newsstand, I heard someone say: 'come on, give me a newspaper! 'Boss,' meaning Lin 'a book! 'Everybody cried loudly. I stare big eyes hard up, oh, the original black-and-white paper is paper, the meaning Lin like a book. Looked at, I'm pretty interested in the news on the newspaper caught to ascend into, you be careful, I just want to take a closer look, master leg lifts will continue to go forward. The front is a bath, a string of small water droplets to the front of my eyes, I see you wipe the hair to come out on the water, said happily: 'this bath wash is really comfortable! 'Next, I past a McDonald's again, everybody in there to eat hamburgers, eating chicken legs, straight into my nose in fragrance,' ah, like delicious, delicious the shit out of me! 'I can't help it. Before I read enough, small host into the examination room, wow, master answer while in singing, really happy. Back is not so happy, listen to the sound 'snow', master stepped on a shit, paste this stinking stuff my face, I let out a cry and start complaining about the host. But, I am still happy, because today I see a lot! Comments: pen, write a 'laundry list' a day in the very compact, delicious, meticulous observation, a small reporter. Nongda four years of primary school attached to a group of cui wheatgrass: hey, everybody! Today, I am a soles son, my little master a journalist to enter oneself for an examination, I experience along the way is very interesting, I'll tell you I saw and heard! And the host to the newspaper, I was very excited, the master on her father's car, she put her foot down under the car seat, in a flash, dark, I can't see anything. The car is moving, I can clearly hear the master of the open window, a breeze blowing, I felt much more cool! Perhaps the master car sit tired, she opened the door, come out a rest under the tall poplars. I up a Chou, I saw the green leaves cover cover day, covering all around me, perhaps this is 'cool summer'. The tree Yang Shuzhen high ah, it reminds me of the famous tang dynasty poet li bai's verse: 'plunges three thousand feet, suspected galaxy nine days. 'This poem taken from his' at lushan waterfall ', is the master of the second grade learning. Is ah, this class of poplar like lushan mountain is high, as well as beautiful. But, lushan exactly is what appearance, I also don't know, ha ha! 'Good high ah, really green ah, what a beautiful tree! Had walked more than half an hour, finally, the master excitedly said: 'go to the newspaper! 'She was very excited, I am also very excited,' I'm going to see the newspaper reporters and editors. 'My heart secretly pleased. The master to the newspaper, hall, went upstairs, following an aunt, she began to the answer sheet. Wish my dear little master success!

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