Sole raw materials formula consists of what

by:BEF     2020-11-21

soles manufacturer of shoes material is made into the soles material, mainly composed of leather, rubber, glue, and other components of the sewing thread, if you get good sole material, want to know what are its raw materials, can entrust the branch tracking source were analyzed.

shoes material is directly related to the stand or fall of shoes. shoe material suppliers including the upper, the sole part and auxiliary part. Among them, the upper part is mainly composed of leather, canvas, non-woven fabrics and hot melt piece of composition. is rubber, PVC, SBS, PU, MD, TPR, EVA and other categories; Auxiliary materials mainly glue and sewing thread, print and so on.

EVA soles: content is higher, the better elasticity.

rubber sole, has the branch of natural and synthetic, wear-resisting, good elasticity, the heavier and high cost.

TPR soles, rubber performance, more wear-resisting, cost is low.

PU soles: excellent abrasion resistance and repeated bending performance, good resistance to tear strength and elasticity, hunting and they can withstand oil, acid, alkali and low temperature resistant performance is good.

MD sole: better softness, high elasticity, thermal performance is good, but the poor wear resistance.

sole manufacturer's shoes are based on the choice of using the environment to decide, on the market at present most of shoes are synthetic raw material, can be divided into wear-resisting, environmental protection, rubber, adhesive, rubber and air type, such as carbon sole materials can pass by infrared, nuclear magnetic, GC - MS、LC- MS TG, ICP, IC, such as a variety of instruments to analysis.

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