Sole new label paste the old label daphne suspected of higher price discount

by:BEF     2020-07-09

13, jinan, Ms. Li reflect to our consumers, the Mid-Autumn festival that day, she went to the ka wah shopping plaza near daphne stores to buy shoes, found that the soles price sign below has a price tag, uncover a look, and the price is more expensive than the bottom 100 multivariate. At that time, the salesman said is preferential promotion.

said Ms. Lee, before the Mid-Autumn festival, she phase a high-heeled shoes at the store, priced at 339 yuan. On September 12, she came to the store again, promoters, said during the Mid-Autumn festival activities, buy a pair of shoes can give a pair of shoes that same price. If as long as a pair, can enjoy 6. 5 fold. She found that the sole price was 479 yuan. 'Waiting for promotion to the garage to take goods when found that 479 yuan under the label has a label, out of curiosity, I tore open label, turns out to be the first target of 339 yuan. 'Ms. Li said, was a salesman's attitude is not good, didn't give her a satisfactory answer.

at noon yesterday, the reporters came to the daphne store, found that Ms. Li described the shoes have two price tag, and there is no cover each other. Reporter found another pair of shoes under the label of 449 yuan also with a blank labels, scraping the marked 309 yuan. Store a salesman explain, high price is the price of sole target, low price is first another activity, namely after the full 200 yuan 70 yuan price. Now is on the basis of the original price to buy one get one free activities, so the first price covered up.

the personage inside course of study says, businesses generally do not directly write on the label, the price after discount but indicate the original price, then calculate discount the price after make out an invoice. If really as she said, after the first of the list price is preferential price, so this time also in the promotion, why after the $479 price tag is not favourable price, but the original price? Reporters calculated brushstroke zhang, if ms li refers to those shoes sold by 479 yuan, and implement the buy one get one free promotion way, the actual price for each pair of 239. 5 yuan. If the 6. 5 discount only buy a pair of, the actual price is 310 yuan, are lower than the previous price of 339 yuan.

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