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by:BEF     2020-07-05

sole material development cannot leave the development of petroleum chemical industry, rubber industry, is still the most common pure SBS rubber soles, PVC soles, soles, etc. , to present the universalization, EVA in the secondary foam polyurethane microporous sole, PU sole, TPR sole, etc. , people on the material research and development and application, is a microcosm of the development of global technology and reflection.

today, as the footwear sole materials segment, pay more and more attention to the sole function of the whole footwear. Here, we give a brief introduction to the classification of all kinds of sole materials.

TPR: thermoplastic elastomer ( 热塑性弹性体) Also known as thermoplastic rubber ( 热塑性橡胶) , is a kind of the characteristics of rubber and thermoplastic plastics, showed high elasticity of rubber at room temperature, and high temperatures and plasticizing molding of polymer materials, and third generation after the natural rubber, synthetic rubber, rubber, the abbreviation TPE or TPR. Has the processing forming fast, the characteristics of high productivity, easy to recycle.

EVA: ethylene - Vinegar vinyl acetate copolymer ( Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) Chemical synthetic material, lightweight elastic. This kind of material is mainly combined with rubber soles or separate. Its processing technology has a foam ( Often used in the bottom) And the second bottom of the foam molding ( Today's MD in the bottom) 。 Characterized by the good qualitative light, elastic, and seismic performance. RB: mainly refers to the natural rubber, synthetic rubber, etc. , are the main raw material for production of sole materials. Has the functions such as wear-resisting, prevent slippery.

PU: macromolecule polyurethane ( 聚氨酯) Synthetic materials, polyester type and polyether type. Often used for sandwich pocket at the end of the durable material, after sole function of cushion and shock. Also have used alone as the sole, wide application is mainly type foaming PU, characterized by a qualitative light, wear-resisting rubber.

PVC, polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl Chloride) , ecru is translucent, yellowish and luster. The material by injection ( Shoot) Technology for processing sole, modification and the modification, the current domestic market is mainly used in the production of cheap shoes.

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