Sole material is what?

by:BEF     2020-11-22

simple sole materials, use of natural rubber or synthetic rubber. The advantages of natural rubber, natural rubber is that it is very soft, elastic and beautiful, can be comfortable and in all kinds of sports, but the downside is also obviously that is not very wear-resisting. Indoor sports shoes multi-purpose natural rubber. In the synthetic rubber, synthetic rubber is divided into wear-resisting rubber, environmental protection rubber, rubber air, sticky rubber, hard rubber, rubber and carbon. ( 1) Wear-resisting rubber: wear-resisting rubber abrasion resistance and toughness is very good, so it is durable, the rubber material commonly used on tennis shoes outsole. ( 2) Environmental protection rubber: also known as recycling material rubber, the rubber sole containing more than 10% of the recycled rubber, the main purpose is for the sake of environmental protection. ( 3) Air rubber, rubber contains air, shock absorption function to a certain extent, but not very wear-resisting, USES not widespread. ( 4) Sticky rubber: sticky rubber is characterized by flexibility is good, and very slippery, generally used in indoor shoes. ( 5) Hard rubber, hard rubber outsole is rubber material is all in the rubber, tough and prevent slippery and wear resistant, USES natural is very extensive. Multifunctional shoes and basketball shoes are mostly to do with this kind of rubber soles. ( 6) Add carbon rubber: in ordinary rubber added carbon element, make the rubber more tenacious wear-resisting, most running shoes to use this kind of rubber, and after running shoes soles, palm part will leave BRS letter, to indicate that USES carbon rubber bottoms. Rubber outsole rubber dozen outsole: the soles is not common, the end of the raw materials is industrial glue, through mixer mixing, can again into a mold heating forming, its characteristic is soft and very slippery.

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