Show you the use of the correct understanding of manganese steel steel material

by:BEF     2020-07-20
Night, standing on high overlooking the distance, see each other between the night light below reflect, chengcheng Huang Chenghuang looks very beautiful. 。 。 。 。 。 Mountain climbing is now many fitness exercise program, either in the leisure exercise to the body, and can be sucked into the fresh air. Want comfortable climbing, mountaineering equipment must also be ready. A pair of hiking boots is indispensable, that a good pair of hiking boots is also important for the selection of material, sometimes encountered some uneven places on mountain road, a rod or nails, a bit not careful will prick our feet. So many businessmen will choose to join in the bottom of the shoes the use of manganese steel, manganese steel, also known as' puncture proof in the bottom and 'candy fulla in the bottom, is made of industrial high-strength polyester filament, which not only has the traditional metal puncture proof bottom bottom in steel, stainless steel bottom puncture proof ability, the characteristics of more winding resistance, light weight, resistant to acid and alkali oil, soft, comfortable, non-conductive, prevent metal detectors and other metal puncture proof of incomparable advantages. Favored by safe and protective shoes. Choose strong gains this with manganese steel steel bottom material of mountaineering shoes, let you more rest assured!
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