Should not be ignored, these factors will affect the baotou steel protection in the labor insurance shoes!

by:BEF     2020-12-12
Labor insurance shoes baotou steel the smashing performance may be affected by various factors. According to the principle of protection in our daily work space, not only is labor insurance shoes baotou steel must have sufficient strength, sole should also can when pressure or impact on shoes baotou immediately formed under the hem of the necessary supporting strength, so that by the impact can be effectively transferred to the ground, and will not lead to labor insurance shoes at the top of the ladle top other spare parts after the stress in the sole of his shoe. If labor insurance shoes soles, the formula of hardness is relatively larger, its support for shoes baotou is more effective. Another factor to consider is that the design of the soles to keep in line with shoes baotou edge, and the sole to be indented. This is because the interval between the sole indented area does not provide a good support, so it's possible to avoid labor insurance shoes baotou steel edge and soles overlap insection intervals. Another may affect the labor insurance shoes sole design characteristics of baotou steel protection ability, is the total thickness of the sole toward the top of the shoe to reduce gradually, which adds to the top of the shoe skip degrees. On the contrary it will affect the protection of the labor insurance shoes baotou steel performance, before the shock or impact cross toe forward, making shoes baotou former shell below baotou trailing edge. Because most of the labor insurance shoes baotou steel is designed by its former shell conduction impact and pressure, the top shell if it were down to below shoes baotou trailing edge, force transfer mechanism of it will not be able to work effectively, shoes baotou trailing edge will suffer from serious deformation. There is a sole component characteristics can also influence the protection ability of the labor insurance shoes baotou steel, it is cut along the width of the sole, vertical and horizontal plane to see the profile of the surface. The sunken into the soles of shoe materials increased labor insurance shoes baotou in the middle of the gap, so shoes baotou deformation in response to a possible damage.
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