Should make full use of labor protection appliances for labor protection

by:BEF     2020-12-02
In some construction workers on a project site during construction, oneself often forget to wear the uniform, forget to wear labor insurance shoes, even you have electricity in workplaces don't wear insulated shoes go to work, in accordance with the regulations of the standardized operations, these are all illegal behavior, should be strict examination, for labor insurance supplies labor insurance it should give full play to its role. The main reason, one is the basic unit not value, is relaxed, lack of evaluation, is not in place for standardization work. The second is the worker is not understanding to labor protection, labor protection consciousness, the 'labor law' stipulates that laborer must have a complete set of labor protection. And is one of the important measures to labor protection appliances for labor protection, strengthen labor protection must be correct use of labor protection supplies. Don't wear gloves, don't wear insulated shoes not save save trouble, but violation; Change, frequently wash, frequently broken sewing is saving. In addition, labor insurance supplies cannot be brought into the home need not, this not only waste their labor protection, also affect the implementation of standardized operations. Between these cases, one to each basic unit must pay attention to the worker's labor protection, not only to fully and timely issuance of labor insurance supplies, purchase and use of the worker's labor insurance supplies to strengthen education, strengthen supervision, strictly implement standardized operation requirements, standardize the granting of the appliances for labor protection. It is best not to extend by the year's mass, may be paid monthly to the grass-roots units, basic unit construction personnel issues by the day. 2 to the worker of personal labor protection, proper use of labor insurance supplies, pay attention to their own personal safety in construction. Labor insurance supplies don't get back home, forget to wear at work, and ignore their own labor protection, contrary to the unit system management. This is for the protection of workers safety appliances for labor protection of homework, we can't be idle at home, or wear graph save trouble, and this is not only a waste of labor protection articles resources, is the safety operation of irresponsible for yourself.
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