Shoes mold design process

by:BEF     2020-11-19
Shoes mold design in manufacturing the soles mould is necessary link, so how do we usually design shoes mold? Shoes mold design process is mainly divided into: a, development version, mainly determine the die plate, plate shape, side walls curve, draw 2 d engineering drawings, such as four, write CAM programming of 3 d model of five, six wooden carved wooden processing modification confirmed seven, ripping, divide the different material apart, in order to open mold, mold, different material shrinkage rate is different, especially the shrinkage rate of IMEVA needs to consider the different thickness and width of the set of nine different shrinkage rate, while a full set of production, processing a full range of production of wooden shoes mold design, we are generally in accordance with the above process to design shoes mold.
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