Shoes material to teach you how to see the leather quality?

by:BEF     2020-07-21
Shoes material to teach you how to see the leather quality. Leather believe that everybody is not strange, we use in everyday life of all kinds of leather products and some household items are made with leather leather processing production come out, but there are many types of leather, we in the production of leather goods are often used in the single leather, how to distinguish the leather is good or bad? 1, odor identification method: natural leather has a very thick fur, even after treatment, the taste is more apparent, and artificial leather products, the smell of plastic, no taste of fur. 2, handle identification method: second leather feel is full of elasticity, the leather face down bent 90 degrees or so there will be a natural folds, respectively at different positions of the bend, the fold line thickness, how many, have obvious uneven, basic can be concluded that this was a genuine leather, because real leather with TianRanXing uneven fiber tissue, thus forming the crease lines also have obvious uneven performance. And synthetic leather feel like plastic, resilience is poorer, bending down to how many fold line thickness is similar. 3, visual identification method: first of all should be leather decorative pattern, the respect such as pore to identify, can see on the face of the natural leather decorative pattern, pore does exist, and the distribution is not uniform, the opposite has animal fiber, the lateral section, level clearly discernible, have lower animal fiber, with the hand which try fingernails appear leather fibre, have the feeling of raising, a small amount of fiber can also fell off, can see fabric and synthetic leather the reverse side, the side without the animal fiber, general skin without pores, but there are some imitation leather artificial pores, there will be not obvious pores exist, some decorative pattern is not obvious, or has the rules of artificial decorative pattern, pore is consistent. 4, combustion identification method: mainly sniff coke smell and see ash state, natural leather combustion produces a burning hair smell, when burn into ashes generally easy to break into powder, and artificial leather, combustion flame is also flourishing, after shrinking rapidly, and has a bad plastic smell, sticky after burn, after cooling hardening into a block.
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