Shoe leather cowhide what is the difference between first and second?

by:BEF     2020-07-19
A clean suit, with a sense of leather shoes, moment can let a person feel your soul, as the saying goes, people respect our clothes, worship Buddha, after a neat and tidy can give a person a good impression. Now many kinds of leather shoes market, but most businesses to promote, cut corners in the shoes of components, makes many consumers don't know how to start. Especially in cortex to distinguish this shoe leather is confused about. Animal skins can be divided for cattle, sheep, pigs, deer and other animals, the most common skin can be divided into two kinds of, cattle and sheep, among them and the difference between first and second skin segment, where is the distinction between them, consumers and how to identify? Head skin is with grain, leather face such as nature of scar tissue and blood), and occasionally the cuts in the process of machining and low utilization rate of the belly of parts, imported the first layer of skin and the serial number of the cattle. All full grain can be distinguish from the pore size and density, the first layer of skin is processed directly from the original skin of various animals, or the thicker cortex of animals such as cows, pigs, horses skin after hair removal cut into two layers, the upper part of the fibrous tissue closely is processed into a variety of head skin. And second skin is thick skin with a piece of leather machine and cutting layer, the first layer is used to do the full grain leather or corrected grain, after finishing or film series is produced on the second floor two koala Xiong Ge, its wear resistance is poorer, fastness fiber organization is loose, the second part of the chemical material spraying or complex on PVC, PU film processing and become, is one of the most cheap in the same kind of leather. Want to distinguish the shoes leather cowhide head layer and layer can be used to observe the longitudinal section of leather fiber density to distinguish.
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